Tributo 2017 is the latest news by Havana Club, belonging to the Iconic Collection line. There will only be 2.500 bottles introduced to the market and each bottle will be numbered.

This Rum will be commercialized in sixteen countries.

The name of the Rum, Tributo, is aimed to celebrate the tradition of the Master Ronero, which represents part of the Cuban culture. Like his predecessor, Tributo 2017 is created by a blend of naturally aged Rums. Containing some distillates that were aged for over 30 years.

On the label is the signature of Asbel Morales, but the Master Ronero wants to underline that it is not exclusively his work, but a collective work that was passed from generation to generation.

The Rum was presented during the XIX Festival del Habano. Price will be around 350 CUC in Cuba.


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