The Glendronach Distillery presents three new products for this 2016. We’re talking about three very different products.


First of all, the Batch 8 of Glendronach Grandeur. This whisky has 25 years of aging and it is bottled at cask strength, 50.3%. Limited edition of 1,505 bottles.

Second bottle, Glendronach 14 years Marsala Cask Finish. Initially matured in European oak, this whisky ends its life in barrels ex Marsala.

Last bottle, a No Age Statement: we are talking about Glendronach Cask Strength Batch # 6. Always at cask strength with a 56.1% alcohol, this whisky has all the home-mother notes with the added power of the cask strength.

Previous batch reviews:

Le review dei precedenti batch:

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