Nowadays the Gin finds ample use in both the preparations of cocktails and the straight consume. The selection of the typologies present from around the world on the market is wide ranging.


We have new generation Gin like:

Gin Mare: Spanish Gin with the typical perfumes of the Mediterranean coasts, flavored with four principal botanics: Italian basil, Greek thyme, Turkish rosemary, Spanish citruses and Arbequina olives from Catalonia.

Koval Gin: American Gin with a distinctive character, realized with a unique mix of forest spices, juniper, wildflowers, citruses and white pepper.

Citadelle Reserve: French Gin belonging to the category of the Barrel Aged Gin, that is Gin aged in barrels (in this case in oak barrels).

Beefeater Burrough’s Reserve: a smooth and dry Gin, with a unique complexity and unmistakable aromas. The Beefeater is distilled in stills with a moderate temperature, in order that each of the aromatic herbs can express its character the best way possible.

Fillers 28 Sloe Gin (the Sloe and Gin based liquor): red mahogany with aromas of red fruits, almonds, figs and mild spicy notes of juniper berries, cinnamon and plum.

Then we have the “old school“ Gin like:

Zuidam Genever, made with a refined selection of barley malt, rye and corn; Zuidam Old Tom, with juniper, elderberry flowers, iris root and coriander, angelica, citruses, licorice, cardamom, vanilla from Madagascar and the adding of a minimum amount of sugar.

Not to underestimate is the italian Gin production, Gin with a strong aromatic charge, rediscovered by the past, when the world produced Gin, in Italy they produced juniper based liquors according to the Piemontese and Trentino tradition. Until four years ago not much could be said about Italien Gin, despite being the major producer of juniper, from Tuscany to Sardinia, Piedmont and Veneto.


Marton’s is a Gin from Veneto produced with the best Italian cereals, cold infused with citrus peels, cinnamon, licorice, anise seed, juniper berries, pink pepper, horseradish, ginger, red fruits and cloves.

Gin del Professore Madame & Monsieur: products inspired by the clandestine production of the Bathtub Gin (Gin illegally prepared during the Prohibition in the USA by the speakeasy). Madame & Monsieur differentiates its aromatic profile thanks to a different botanical. Madame has as a base a wild juniper, from Umbria and Tuscany, based spirit. It has a botanical composed of 14 herbs and spices, cold infused with citrus fresh citrus peels and a secret ingredient, which is followed by a careful filtration. Monsieur has a spicier aromatic profile: cardamom, lavender, camomile, orange and with the juniper more dominant then in the Madame.

Among the interesting news, in the world of Gin, we’ll find one of the most historic brands in the tradition of the Italian spirit industry:


A solid company, that has almost 200 years of history, that keeps the companies objective based on the strength of the family and that now proposes the Luxardo London Dry Gin with nine botanics (juniper, coriander, iris, angelica, calamus, licorice, cinnamon, cardamom and bitter orange) again, realized in traditional coppers stills. The currents recipe dates back to the juniper filberts produced by Luxardo since the early 900.

Another interesting treat is the Gin Malfy, invented in Italy in the XXI century, by the Italian monks from Salerno. Malfy is realized with Italian juniper, oranges from Salerno, coriander, angelica, cassis, orris, grapefruit, licorice and Italian limes. It represents the “Italian-Built“ and the Amalfi coast, it will be available on the market by the end of march and will be imported by the Compagnie Dei Caraibi. In the next page can find our suggestions for a pairing with cigar and Gin, selecting classic drinks with sweet notes, but with a strong taste. For those familiar with it, they can also make them at home.

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