During the lunch of the 27th, held at Procenicsa, Carlito Fuente unexpectedly showed up. The reason for his presence was tied to to his return to Nicaragua, where he will build a factory that will be called The Beauty and the Beast.“The reason for this name”, explained Fuente “is the synthesis of life: the beauty of small and big things and the strength we put into overcoming difficulties”.

Carlito, taking the floor, first remembered the late Josè Padron and Gilberto Oliva, to then explain that he does not want to start a challenges towards his competitors: rather, the will to return to this country, that they forcibly had to abandon decades ago, is to create jobs and a foundation that will seek to increase school services, to ensure a better future for the Nicaraguan people. Works will begin shortly and, according to Fuente himself, the factory will be operational in no time.

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