Omar de Frias proudly announced on March 27th a new partner for the distribution of Fratello cigars in Germany: Klaus Kleinlagel. The Kleinlagel family has been operating in the sector since 1916 and its current location is in Bruchsal (Baden-Württemberg). Omar de Frias is a former employee of NASA who founded the brand Fratello, launched in 2013 and exploded in the premium cigar industry as one of the fastest growing producers on the market. Born in Puerto Rico, he grew up in the Dominican Republic where his father, now in his seventies, is an electrical engineer. “I grew up seeing my father work from twelve to fourteen hours a day, he always told me that the result of his work depends on the efforts he has made in doing so,” said Omar.

“We are very happy to become a partner of Klaus & Martina Kleinlagel, whose history in the tobacco industry, family business and the passion for quality cigars is the perfect match for our growing brand,” said de Frias .

Fratello Cigars will be the protagonist of a series of events from 16 to 24 June in Düsseldorf, Cologne, Gevelsberg, Wehringen and Würzburg.

“We are very happy to work with Omar and make his cigars available on the German market,” said Klaus Kleinlagel. Martina, the sister, added: “Our company is true family-run business and as the name of the brand, Omar now belongs to our small family”.

Fratello cigars are currently distributed in Europe within the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Switzerland. This partnership will open new doors and guarantee further international growth to the brand.

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