Nicholas Melillo launches the second brand under Foundation Cigar Co. with the name The Upsetters. The blend will contain tobaccos from Jamaica and Nicaragua.

the upsetters_3

“Most people don’t know this”, said Melillo, “but Jamaica has a long history of growing tobacco, that rivals that of  Cuba”. Melillo, a big admirer of the Jamaican culture and tobacco, continues saying: “The Industry faded away, due to many issues, but this is all changing with The Upsetters. I want to put Jamaica back on the map for premium tobacco”.

Melillo travels to Jamaica for the 70th birthday of Bob Marley and during that visit, he meets various growers. The idea of The Upsetters was born.the upsetters_2

The Upsetters line will be released in eight sizes, with a variety of three different wrappers.

Claro Wrapper:

Capa Claro:

  • The Django – 54 x 127 mm
  • Small Ax – 40 x 115 mm
  • The Skipper – 54 x 38 x 115 mm
  • Rock Steady – 48 x 178 mm
  • SKA – 32 x 101 mm

Capa Maduro

  • The Original Rude Boy – 60 x 152 mm
  • ZOLA – 52 x 152 mm

Capa Candela

  • Para El Sapo – 54 x 38 x 115 mm

They are being produced in an undisclosed factory in Esteli, Nicaragua. They will be found at specially selected retailers in the united states and will hit the market beginning of June.

To a question, regarding the new FDA regulations, Melillo responds: “Foundation is here to stay and will fight until the end”.

the upsetters_4 the upsetters_3




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