Maya Selva starts the distribution of a limited release, dedicated to the Asian market and commemorative of the year of the dog in the Chinese horoscope: Flor de Selva Year Of The Dog.

The red box shows the footprint of a dog and the year 2018 arts, both in golden color. Underneath, there is is the writing “Year Of The Dog” in white. Cigars are dresseed up by the classic Flor de Selva band, paired with a second on the foot, reporting the year 2018.

The cigar size is 52 x 150 mm and the blend is made up of an Honduran Jamastran Habano wrapper, a binder from Jalapa (Nicaragua), and selected tobaccos from Honduras and Nicaragua for the filler.

Flor de Selva Year Of The Dog will be sold in 10 count boxes (2.018 numbered boxes for a total of 20.180 cigars), the whole production was sold out shortly after the market release, making it an impossible to find product; Maya Selva promises a higher production and availability for the next year.

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