Moving into the years not only the tobacco manufacturing techniques have evolved, but also the accessories allowing the users to fully enjoy the smoke did improve, in order to perform their jobs in the most practical possible way.

Smokers started with the traditional flame, then changing into the Jetflame, capable of performing its task also outside, solving all the wind-generated problems. Jetflame is not only beloved because of this aspect: its precision is the secret of its success. Lighting a cigar up with the anti-wind flame is in facts simpler, faster and more precise when compared to the traditional flame.

When we were expecting the end of new introductions in the market, that was the moment when the latest release took place, the flat flame lighters. This flame type allows an even easier lighting up. While with the Jetflame it is required to rotate the flames on the foot of the cigar, with the flat flame the action performed is similar to brushing the foot, since the flat flame resembles a brush’s tip.


This new flame being literally “flat”, it results into incredible precision, with no risks of burning capa leaves. Besides that, lighting up turns to be easier and quicker for generous dimensions cigars, however also very sharp for a panatela format, since the flame is adjusted in height, making very simple to evaluate the needs depending on the cigar and operate it.

Are the new releases finished? Nope. Manufacturers report a diminished gas usage, extending thus the duration of the lighter.

However, the most striking aspect of the new flame is the shape, proving to be “bent” to the smoker’s needs. Even after several usages, one can not stop staring at the flame, and every time the button is pushed, the sensation is to be in front of something new.



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