Espinosa Premium Cigars with various news for this years IPCPR. In fact seven news will be debuted at the fair.

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▪    Espinosa Crema: the line will contain three vitolas: No. 1 (48 x 178mm), No. 4 (52 x 140mm) and the No. 5 (56 x 152mm). The wrapper is an Ecuador Connecticut, binder and filler are both Nicaraguan tobacco.
▪    Espinosa Pier 28: the line is exclusively for the west coast. It will be composed of four vitolas: 46 x 152mm, 50 x 127mm, 52 x 127mm e un 60 x 152mm. The blend consist of Nicaraguan tobaccos for binder and filler, covered by a Habano Rosado wrapper.
▪    Espinosa @zucar: the first flavored, vanilla, from Espinosa. The line is composed of three vitolas: Cañita (30 x 127mm), Corona (44 x 152mm) and the Caña (50 x 127mm). The blend was not disclosed yet.
▪    Espinosa Alpha Dawg: the Alpha Dawg, an event exclusive cigars before, enters regular production. The line contains three vitolas: Corona Gorda (48 x 140mm), Short Churchill (48 x 152mm) and a Robusto (50 x 127mm). The cigars are composed of a Habano Rosado Oscuro wrapper, the tobaccos for binder and filler are both from Nicaragua.
▪    Espinosa Habano: the regular line sees the addition of the BP Toro. A box-pressed vitola, with the dimensions of 54 x 152mm.
▪    Murcielago: this regular line will also see an addition of one size, called Bouton and the dimensions of 46 x 165mm. The Bouton won’t be box-pressed, like the rest of the line..
▪    601 La Bomba Warhead III: The Warhead is a stronger version of the 601 La Bomba blend and was produced in 2013 (54 x 165mm) and in 2014 (56 x 140mm). The vitola for this year will be a box-pressed Lancero, which measures 38 x 190mm. The blend is the same as the past year, Broadleaf wrapper, binder and filler from Nicaragua, but the composition has been modified specially for this vitola.

All the lines, except the @zucar line that is produced in the Dominican Republic, are produced in Espinosa’s factory, La Zona in Nicaragua.

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