This year Ernesto Perez Carillo presented a new cigar made with 100% Nicaragua leaves: INCH Ringmaster line.

The new cigar will stand along the existing INCH Natural, Colorado and Maduro (available in 5 sizes: 58 x 203 mm, 60 x 149 mm, 62 x 127 mm, 64 x 153 mm and 70 x 178 mm) while INCH Ringmaster will be offered in two formats, sharing the same ring gauge but with a different legnth:

  • EP Carrillo INCH Ringmaster, cepo 64 x 136 mm in length
  • EP Carrillo INCH Ringmaster, cepo 64 x 165 mm in length

Packaged in boxes of 24 units respectively for the price of $ 12.50 and $ 14.50 for each cigar.

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