El Loco Edicion Especial ADV 2017 is a cigar made by ADV & McKay Cigars Co. S.R.L.

El Loco is made in Mexico, born from the collaboration between McKay and A. Turrent. The blend is made up of mostly 4-5 year old Mexican tobaccos, such as Criollo 98 for wrapper, binder and Criollo 98 Seco and Ligero as filler, with the addition of a Criollo 99 from Nicaragua.

Note worthy is also the fermentation process of the Cirollo 98 Seco for this line. Instead of fermenting the tobacco for 3 months at a temperature of 42°C, it gets fermented on a lower temperature (35°C) for over 5 months. On top of that, cigars rest for 10 month after being rolled.

El Loco will be available in two sizes:

  • El Viudo, 56 x 133 mm
  • La Viuda, 52 x 155 mm

Both cigars are sold in Switzerland. Retail price is 11,80 CHF for the El Viudo and 12,40 CHF for the Viuda. They come packaged in 18 count boxes.

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