Starting from the 15th up to the 18th of July 2017, Davidoff will present the new Limited Art Edition 2017, by Rodell Warner, at the Art Basel held in Switzerland.

Blend-wise, the cigar, an oversized Toro (54 x 162 mm), is composed of a Habano wrapper and a Sumatra binder (both from Ecuador), while the filler is contains a mix of Brazilian Matafina and Cubra Visus, and Dominican San Vincente Mejorado Visus, Piloto Visus and a Olor/Pilotico Seco hybrid.

They will be packaged in white lacked boxes, which will bear one of five drawing by the artist (it is the third time Warner participates in Davidoff’s initiative). Each masterpiece will adorn 1.000 numbered boxes (for a total of 5.000 boxes), each containing 10 cigars.

The masterpieces represent, in an abstract way, elements and processes related to the making of a Davidoff cigar; Warner says: “They are designed and realized to create and visual experience full of structure and surprise”, and adds, “expressing the soul of the represented products.”


Davidoff Limited Art Edition 2017 are inspired by photographs of the Caribbean islands, Rodell Warner has cut out and glued parts of this images transforming them into three dimensional objects. Afterwards, he visualized the resulting 3D, from different angles, transforming the images in to puzzle pieces and reconstructing them as artwork.

On the lids of the boxes you’ll find a device, which is magnetic and therefor removable, allowing the collector the possibility to expose the works of art.


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