Due to the acquisitions of tobacco plantations in the Jamastran Valley, in Honduras (where the Corojo tobacco, that characterizes the Camacho cigars, will be cultivated) and the bordering region of Condega, in Nicaragua, Davidoff inaugurates their new factory in Danli, Honduras.


The factory resides in Danli, strategically positioned closed to the Nicaraguan border. Projected by the Honduran architect Gonzalo Nunez Diaz, the factory covers an area of over 11.000 square meters and an additional area of 3.500 m2, that functions as a warehouse. The establishment includes different production halls, refrigerated cells, large loading and unloading zones, a spacious guesthouse and a refectory for the employees, that satisfies the highest standard of logistic and technology.

The modern implant will considerably increase the production capacity of Honduran brands, such as Camacho, Baccarat, La Fontana and Legendario. Thus answering to the increasing global demand.

It will also have a social importance, contributing to the development of the city of Danli by creating 500 new jobs.

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