Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye is a Rye whisky, 90% made from Rye spirits. Originally from Canada, produced in the Winnipeg area, it seems that the distillery’s warehouses suffer from -40° winter temperatures, far beyond the Scottish cold.

  • ABV: 45%
  • Casks: not declared
  • Age: No Age Statement
  • No. of Bottles: not declared
  • Price Range: 50-100€
  • Availability: low

TASTING NOTES Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye

Nose: very peculiar. In the first instance you can tastes notes of field and freshly cut grass, joined by soft hints of camomile, green tea and yellow fruit (mainly baked pear) and some spices (white pepper). Fresh and almost mentholated after a few minutes.

Palate: very similar to the nose.  Well balanced. It starts with green tea, then yellow fruit and floral notes. The spicy component (black pepper) is barely mentioned, but after a few moments it intensifies. It resembles some “young” Armagnac, somehow.

Finish: medium persistence and intensity. Green tea, spicy notes, yellow fruit and hints of freshly cut grass are perceptible.

The Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye is a valid product, which presents an excellent balance, an average intensity and a good complexity. However, the “surprise” factor is missing.

Rating: 84

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