Conocedor is a cigar accessories company created with the intention of creating the sharpest and most refined cigar cutters ever made. The initial goal was to create them for personal use, then a real company was established with a wide range of cigar accessories. The main feature of these accessories is uniqueness, craftsmanship and innovative design.

The Octa and Roswell cigar cutters are the result of over a year of work. In addition to the appealing design, they have various unique features. Damascus steel blades, nacre inlays, hand-engraved logo, CNC machined parts and a unique locking system, without friction. The blades are heat treated at temperatures above one thousand degrees Celsius. Afterwards they are etched with acid, to bring out the texture of the Damascus. Finally, they are sharpened by hand (a procedure that takes more than an hour for each blade).

Furthermore, the Finnish company produces humidors that constitute unique creations with innovative features. Inlaid lids with veneers of different colors, hand-engraving, high-quality woods and hardware. These humidors are also distinguished by the possibility of customization, with the specific characteristics required by the customer.

The inlay is a type of decoration made by combining minute pieces of different woods. It is used in the realization of the lids of the models  Aires Habanos and Viñales with details created by master craftsmen, with long experience in what can be defined as an art. The custom-made humidors, can have lids with the images chosen by the customer. Another unique feature that distinguishes the two models, are the elegant hand-engraved badges.

The third model is the largest humidor, equipped with a tray for a single row of cigars. It has been dubbed El Capitan and is made of high quality maple veneer. The common feature of Conocedor humidors is the in America and Germany developed hardware. Hinges and other elements of this accessory are mirror polished and plated in 24-Karat gold.

The Finnish company boasts also luxury lighters, that can be purchased by order, with decorations created by an expert jeweler. Each creation is unique and the customer can suggest and modify the design according to his needs. The production features, for example, a lighter with a dragon theme, produced with rubies and diamonds set in solid gold and platinum surfaces, designed for the Chinese market.

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