We reached the end of 2016, a year that was everything but a quite one for the cigar world. After more than 50 years the embargo on Cuba is almost lifted, with the Cuban cigars very close to enter in the biggest market of the word, the American one. At the same time, the new FDA restrictions are already changing the market, pushing all the news to be released and presented this year.

The producers focus for the European market, even if way smaller than the American one, shows what could be the strategies for the next years.

During this year many news have been presented. A lot of them are still not commercialized and not ready to be bought; probably they will be released on the next year. Despite this, all the products that hit the market made the 2016 a year with a tremendous number of new cigars to try. The 2016 awards have been a lot harder to do than the past year, due to the high competition among all the new releases, but it was also way more exciting. The new cigars took a lot of places in our awards list, that as usual, gives the right space to all the terroir.

This year there will be also the whisky TOP10, with all the new products worth buying and the one you don’t want to miss. Every whisky is paired with a cigar and due to the upcoming Christmas period, we decided to pair the cigars to the dark chocolate as well! A lot more follows in the next pages.

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