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Winter 2018 is the last issue of the year and, as usual, is the one where the Awards are published. That is why we try once again all the best products we tested during the last twelve months, those that have scored the highest ratings, those that have impressed us the most. It is no coincidence that this is both the most awaited and the most read of our four issues published annually.

During the course of this year over 1,000 cigars and 300 spirits were tested, including about 200 whiskies, which allowed us to make a double awards, the fourth for cigars, the first for spirits. The focus is on the latest news, but without forgetting the great products that, year after year, confirmed them as an excellence.

Regarding cigars, awards are based on a terroir system, aimed at giving proper attention to each producer country, by ensuring the presence of five references for each one of them. Four are the major countries in terms of cigar production and a fifth category contains the remaining nations. In spirits, the awards aims to identify the ten best whiskies that have been tasted in the last twelve months. In this case the ranking is unique and takes into consideration all the products, without differences inherent in the country of origin.

In the case of both cigar and whiskies, a special attention is also paid to products with the best quality/price ratio. Three products for spirits and six for cigars have been named as best daily cigars, or best daily drams.

2018 represents the year in which the fifth candle of CigarsLover Magazine lights up, an important milestone for us but at the same time a new starting point.

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