Boutique brands have been under the spotlight through the years. They are not a mystery and they do not surprise most of the people anymore. Being limited productions, often synonymous of incredible care to details and use of super selected tobacco, they are more than an affirmed reality. Nowadays, one of the main character of this type of brands is Steve Saka. We had the chance to meet him several times, in Nicaragua and Germany, and we came up with the idea that a long talk, together with some secrets and details, could be very interesting. The result was an interview, where Steve talks about his career and how he ended up being the producer of the so acclaimed La Sobremesa. He also told us also about his experiences in the tobacco world and his future projects.

Despite it being summer here, a drink is always an excellent smoke companion, especially in the evening. This time, we focused the attention on the Rum. Together with the blind tasting, we’ll be featuring an easy-to-make-cocktail recipe that is also so tasty and refreshing: the Ti’ Punch.

Before getting to the cigars blind tasting, which is on three different sizes this time, we decided to write a special article on the whisky aging in cask. To make a quality product, a very long maturation it is not always needed, but when you are in front of something aged for decades, the emotion has an important role, giving the tasting experience something more. Let’s find out why whisky owe so much to the cask, and in particular what type of barrels are capable of giving the best to the maturation.

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