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An overview of what is happening nowadays in Nicaragua by Giuseppe Mitolo opens the summer issue of CigarsLover Magazine. The events can not go unnoticed and it is right to be aware of what is going on in the land of the volcanoes and consequently in one of the most influencing industries of the country: tobacco.

Back in Europe, we spent some time with the Corazza – Knobel duo; we interviewed them and what most captured us was the strong working relationship between distributor and producer. The exploration of the boutique brands led us to Crowned Heads and Roberto Manfrin flew to Nashville, in Tennessee, to smoke a cigar with Jon Huber and Mike Conder.

Going down specifically to the tobacco plant, everyone is aware of how much the macroclimate defines in part of the characteristics of the leaves and therefore, the taste of cigars. However, how much does the microclimate gives impact? And if it was even important? We asked this to a Professional Agronomist: Benoit Pirard.

Spirits. Federico Bosco had the chance to interview Florence Castaréde, which represents the sixth generation of the family-owned brand that boasts the longest history in the armagnac production. It is interesting to learn how much armagnac is appreciated, not just straight, but also as base for cocktails. Nicola Ruggiero analyzed the Cachaça, starting from the roots until reaching the drink that made it so popular: the Caipirinha.

A guide on Islay, the Scottish homeland of peat, will give you all the cards to embark on a journey of peated whiskey.

Domenico Fiorentino tells us how Filter Coffee is widespread in the world and what are its main characteristics. However, please don’t call it “American coffee”. On the culinary side, the two dishes that most impressed us in Nicaragua and the Tomahawk, one of the meat cuts that today is very requested.

Have you ever thought about eating Plankton? Today it can be done, but it is as healthy as it is expensive!


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