This first publication of 2017 coincides with the launch of a new section, which will be continue being present in the future releases of the magazine, becoming essential part of CigarsLover Magazine. Following the several requests from you as valued readers, we decided spirits to have more space, not only as cigar pairings, but also as enjoyable pleasures when no pairing is available. For this reason the usual cigar blind taste, including in this number three dimensions (petit corona, lonsdale and gordos), is flanked by an extra blind tasting on spirits. The chosen ones are this time whiskeys. Eighteen bottles have been tested and rated.

The first quarter includes all the celebrations and the most important cigar world events. In slightly different periods compared to previous years, the three most important and representative events took place in Cuba, Nicaragua and Dominican Republic: the Festival del Habano, the PuroSabor and the ProCigar. These three events are similar regarding many aspects, even though keeping different peculiarities; however the main essence of all of them is the passion and love for cigars. In addition to creating several working opportunities and improving many countries economy, during these events funds are collected to be donated to charity or social organizations. This bears a strong sentimental and moral value, which goes beyond the pleasure and enjoyment we share.


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