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The spring issue of CigarsLover Magazine always brings light on the innovations that will be developed during the year. 2018 did not coincide only with our anniversary, but it was a year of changes, with the introduction of the new layout, the new sections and the new colors identifying them. 2019 will confirm what has been proposed and the new “sections” will be expanded with a greater number of contents. In particular, the “spirits blind tasting” section will be made wider and a greater number of products will be tested, not only in terms of spirits tasted, but also in types of distillates, trying to covering an increasing number of different kind of spirits. In particular, this issue will bring the Armagnac to the magazine.

In 2019 our focus will remain well fixed on the pleasure that the palate can give us and our will is to continue to explore everything that is capable to increasingly re ne our taste.

The biggest news that we are going to introduce during the final part of this year, will be another version of the magazine, dedicated to our growing chinese readers. This new version will feature Chinese language making CigarsLover available in English, Italian and also Chinese language.


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