We celebrate the overcoming of 10.000 readers with a completely new and redesigned layout. Our goal was to find a solution that could make the reading experience on the mobile devices the better possible, but without changing too much the way CigarsLover Magazine is. The layout created is “cleaner” and every page communicates to the reader the contents at first sight.

This issue gives much information about the packaging. A special and historical path about boxes and humidors will put attention to what is being used to store, transport and age cigars. Not only, there will also be two articles that will describe alternative uses of the boxes!

An article about the Barbecue will definitely change the way you see the pairing between cigars and food: it’s time to cook with the cigars, and be able to literally taste their aromas!

The “cigar purge” technique is something not well known yet. For sure you already heard about it, but no one never talked about it in details. Let’s unveil everything behind this method, which is really able to improve the smoking experience. Suggestions on how and when to do it, technical informations and everything about what it brings to the cigar will make the article a true “cigar purge guide”.

Due to the great interest that the blind tasting have always had, we decided to go further, making the biggest blind tasting ever about one size. We chose the more smoked, the most wanted and the best seller: the “Robusto”. We tested 50 Robusto size cigars (referring to the international shape sizes), to realize a huge comparison among cigars with almost the same smoking time and characteristics.

There is a winner, but also many huge quality smokes. We carefully selected also the best buy ones. Many surprises, some disappointments, all in 13 pages of reviews!

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