This issue take place after a huge event that ended shortly: the XVII Festival del Habano. CigarsLover was there, to live it and to share the most important news that will be presented as the next productions of Habanos S.A.. We tried the cigars and we reviewed it.

The blind tasting increases remarkably: 30 cigars were reviewed and without losing the descriptions that make our blind tasting complete and detailed. The size we have chosen is the gurado, so every cigar with a conic head was a possible participant.

A big article about the ash will change the way you see it. The informations that the ash can provide are huge and we wanted to analyze them in detail.

Everyday, the importance of the different “terroir” keeps on increasing, and new products were born. Which are the caratheristics of these “terroir”? What makes them so able to diversify from each other in a so speci c way? We are going to discuss it.

In this issue we tried the whole new line of Joya de Nicaragua: Joya Red. We do have a winner!

We analyzed the Reserva Organica Line of Plasencia, unveiling some interesting details about the way that make possible growing the tobacco exactly how it was in the beginning. This line really astonished us!

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