From this issue, CigarsLover Magazine has started to perform some blind tastings, which consist of tasting cigars whose bands have been removed. As a result of this, the smoker ignores the brand of cigar he is smoking and is able to give an objective and unbiased review. For each cigar, samples are tasted by various people, making the nal evaluation an accumula- tion of several opinions. The a cionados who participate in this project are not only Italian, but are also from different countries. This means that the evaluations we obtain are based on different habits and cultures.

We have always dedicated some space to alcoholic and non-alcoholic pairings with the cigars we have reviewed. From this issue on, we will delve deeper into libations, dedicating more space to pairings and including more cocktails and spirits. We have started a new section: “Drinks”. The Austrian barman Chris Glenn will assist us by providing extraordinary recipes, easily prepared at home. Never smoke a cigar without knowing the perfect pairing again!

In CigarsLover Magazine we will continue to review a vast array of cigars, encompassing all countries and brands associated with them. The novelties will always be given importance because we believe that the real aficionado is constantly looking for the “perfect cigar.”

Every cigar we try and review, even if it’s not available in Italy, has to be con- sidered as an added value in order to recognize what the world of cigars has to offer and what the novelties and the international trends happen to be.

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