The cigar industry is making us used to have new products and lines every while, due to the smokers demand for new cigars, which never seem to come to an end. So the cigar market needs new formats, new brands and new lines. This is why the boutique brands, small lot of cigars going to the market in a sort of limited edition release, are getting more and more popular and most wanted.

This creates a lot of expectations to the consumers but at the same time a huge work for the producers, that are forced to considerably increase they rhythms and keep making new blends in a period of time that is getting shorter and shorter.

This is what is happening today. The limitations that will soon be introduced by the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) regarding the introduction of new cigars to the American market, could change completely how things are going right now. The US market is the biggest one and it can influences many other market if it will be stricken too hard.

In the next months we will assist to a lot of news. Probably the big boom of news we are going to see this year will be the biggest ever, and this won’t happen again. Let’s prepare us to enjoy all will get to the market soon.

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