The last issue of the year, the one that carries the overall thought about what we smoked during the past twelve months. The issue of the evaluations, of the ranks, of the AWARDS. This issue brings suggestions for the next purchase and reveals which cigars will be rewarded. In a few words, the most awaited and wished issue.

Due to the upcoming Christmas time, we wanted to make an issue mainly for the right pairings, because we know that this is where the aficionados focus their attention in this time of the year. There is a special article on the spirits, divided per typology, where we gathered more or less known and easy to find liquors. From the easier paring to the most sought after one, from the most common products to the rarest ones.

However, we wanted to go further. We wanted to find something more, in culinary terms. The celebrations are well known for their desserts, for that something more that comes at the end of the meal. A journey among the Christmas cultures of many countries, going through typical and popular sweets, keeping in mind just one question: “which ones are the best cigars to pair it with?”.

Many are the cigars we tried and reviewed during 2015 and here are the best ones. Two, as usual, will be the lines we are going to talk about in details. Both are new and they will definitely have something to say on the market soon. One is a Dominican news, with roots in the North of Europe. The other one is proudly 100% Nicaragua!

The 2015 has been an exceptional year for CigarsLover Magazine. We just wish our more than 15.000 readers the best celebrations, looking for the right pairing! And to not just say “long ashes to everyone”, in this issue you will also find why smokers always wish “long ashes”!

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