In this tenth issue we decided to have two blind tasting instead of the traditional one. We wanted to focus our attention to two size which are definitely the opposite of each other: “Lancero” and “Cortos”. Two types of cigars created to satisfy the smoker in a different way.

Lanceros, beloved by many aficionados, are meditational smoke, which needs the attention and the focus of the smoker to be truly appreciated. The “Corto” cigars were born with the idea to give a quick and satisfying smoke, thought to be perfect when the time to dedicate to a cigar is limited. This idea is definitely not close to the cigar world, but nowadays these cigars are getting more and more popular. The cigars we reviewed in our blind tastings are forty.

We also tried two whole cigar lines: the new Winston Churchill from Davidoff and the “letters” line of Partagas, one of the most known in the cigar industry.

We also compared three big sticks, smoking three different brands belonging to three different countries. The cigars just shared the size: the A size!

Year after year, the cigar industry changed a lot. Time ago we used to talk about “puros”, without giving too much importance to this word. Nowadays we are in front of many types of tobacco and the manufacture is not always made in the same country of the cultivation. All this should make us reflect on the term “puro”, and its meaning. Maybe it is time to rethink about it.

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