As usual, CigarsLover Magazine Autumn issue features the Intertabac fair of Dortmund, which is the biggest European event regarding cigars. The presentation of new brands and lines that soon will hit the market, always brings a lot of expectations and emotions to the aficionados.

Among the participants, by many years now, there is a Nicaraguan brand with the deepest roots in its country: Joya the Nicaragua. It went through a lot of innovations and new products in the recent years, and we talked about this with Juan I. Martinez, president of Joya de Nicaragua and prominent personality in the world of tobacco In the interview, we are going to unveil the story of the brand and the growth of Nicaraguan cigars in the international market.

A mix of curiosities is collected in a series of articles covering many aspects of the cigar world: until when smoking a cigar and how to repair a damaged product are just a couple of them.

A guide on how tasting the spirits in the right way brings us to talk about the color, which can cheat both the spirits and cigars aficionados.

We featured 60 products in this issue, all of them reviewed blind: 42 cigars and 18 whiskies. Enjoy the reading.

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