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The anniversaries in the cigar world are taken very seriously and represent a pride, lasting long over the time. They mean the success of keeping high quality levels and the capability of managing the change brought to market by competitors and new request from the customers, year after year. It is not just a goal, but a new beginning, a relaunch to the eternal challenge in the business world.

2018 marks several anniversaries, including the 50th year of Macanudo, 50th year of Joya de Niracagua and the 50th year of Davidoff, to mention three companies very well known by each cigar aficionados, including the novice smoker. But there are also goals achieved by other companies, which do not yet have such a long history, but which represent the same source of pride, which translates into their achieved success. In this autumn issue, we have dedicated two articles to this, and the celebration will continue in the next winter issue, given that these goals deserve the attention and esteem of us cigar lovers.

A journey into the world of Irish whiskey and a sip of Negroni, catapult us to one of the most widespread pleasures on a global level, which often gives way to our days: the Cappuccino. Then we continue on a small journey to discover the Trappist beers, that is going to make us reach one of the most awaited part: the blind tasting. At this point, we tested 4 cigar formats and two spirits: cognac and whisky. For the French premium distillate we have analyzed the most renowned category, the “XO”, while for whiskey we have analyzed the diametrically opposed market segment, the most affordable and widespread bottlings that populate the supermarkets and counters of all the wine shops.

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