The 7th edition of the Nicaraguan cigar festival Puro Sabor will begin on January 22. Every year the event brings together a growing number of aficionados.

Organized by the Nicaraguan Tobacco Chamber (CNT), it offers to the participants the opportunity to visit both tobacco fields and factories, allowing them to see all the production steps leading to the creation of a cigar. But not only. “The festival has become a way of presenting our wealth of culture, history and traditions“, commented CNT President Anielka Ortez, at the press conference, presenting a clear intention of reviving the country’s tourism: “We want our friends and clients to enjoy and learn more about our country and to let themselves be seduced by Nicaragua’s natural charms“.

The Puro Sabor will be held for the first two days in the city of Granada, allowing the participants to relax and acclimate with the country and the new time zone.  Starting from January 24 (third day) the event will move to Estelì, the Nicaraguan Mecca of tobacco, until Friday 26, when the gala dinner will take place.

If you would like more information about the program, please click here.

CigarsLover Magazine will participate as usual and, as every year, will provide a full report of the long awaited Puro Sabor.

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