In the Armagnac world it is not uncommon to come across bottles containing very old spirits. The 1977 Castarède is a product of this kind, a vintage 1977 with a 39 year old in cask. Despite the advanced age the price remains fairly low, nothing to compare with a whisky or a rum of the same age.

ABV: 40%
Barrels: Monlezun oak
Age: 39 years
Circulation: not declared
Price range: € 100-250
Availability: low


Nose: it releases notes of shell fruit, especially walnuts and almonds. After a few minutes, a freshly mentholated aroma recalling the eucalyptus appears. Then follows fruity notes (apricot) and also emerges a very interesting note of saffron and sweet spices. Every smell delivers a slightly different aromatic profile.

Palate: the flavors are both sweet and salty. The fruity notes stay perceivable to the palate as well and they are enriched: a mix of peach, apricot and yellow melon get delivered, and slowly they get followed by orange jam. The harmony is also given by the contrast that is created with the white pepper and the cocoa. Lastly, cinnamon and ginger complete an aromatic palette exhibiting a great structure.

Finish: long persistence. It unleashes a spicy mix (smoked paprika, cinnamon, ginger and chilli) together with the omnipresent fruits. Cocoa and coffee are also perceptible.

Prolonged aging is no small thing. The multitude of aromas the Castarède 1977 develops, are capable of delivering a remarkable complexity, which makes this product fascinating. An excellent armagnac, structured and harmonious.

Rating: 92

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