Caol Ila 1997/2016 Sansibar is a whisky bottled independently by Sansibar. The characteristic of this malt, in addition to the 19 years of aging, lies in the barrels in which it aged, Sherry Butt barrels, decidedly unusual for a Caol Ila.

  • ABV: 40.2%
  • Cask: Sherry Cask
  • Age: 19 years
  • No. of Bottles: 599 bottles
  • Price Range:  100-250€
  • Availability: low


Nose: moderate intensity, despite the low alcohol content. The peaty component is immediately perceptible, followed by intense smoky notes. Spices are also perceived, including paprika and black pepper. Shades of bacon and red fruit evolve after a few minutes.
Palate: low intensity. Mainly the sweet, fruity side emerges, due to aging in ex-Sherry casks. Orange jam and berries, joined by peat, as well as spices, that become gradually more pronounced. In conclusion notes of grilled meat and burnt wood, the latter barely perceptible.
Finish: short and of medium intensity. Peat, citrus fruits, black pepper and a little accentuated salinity can be perceived.
Overall, the Caol Ila 1997/2016 Sansibar matured in ex-sherry cask is unusual. This experiment seems half successful. The low gradation influences the intensity on the palate which, despite having boasted a fairly broad flavor profile, struggles to stand out.

Rating: 84

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