The 12 YO of Caol Ila is produced in Islay, Scotland. The distillery Caol Ila was created in 1846. A small curiosity about the name: it means “Sound of Islay” in Gaelic and addresses the Strait that separates the island of Jura from Islay, on the Occidental cost of Scotland.

The alcoholic volume is 43%. The price of the bottle is around 40€. We are in front of a very diffused and known single malt whisky, with a high availability.

caol_ila_12yoCAOL ILA 12 YEARS OLD

Look: light straw yellow.

On the nose: citrusy and floral, with hints of tobacco and peat. Brackish notes and hints of vanilla are also perceivable.

On the palate: peaty and smoky, with notes of vanilla and ripe fruits. The base is sweet, honeyed.

Finish: good persistence, revealing a mix of brackish and smokey notes. Hints of spice (black pepper) are also present. A slight acidulous vein is perceptible aswell.

Seeing the typology of the product and its alcoholic content, it is preferable to make the pairing with a product that presents a pronounced strength, attested around medium to full. Given the aromatic palatte of the Whisky, the best pairing was obtained with two cigars coming from the same terroir: Nicaragua.


Aroma del Caribe Mi Amor Belicoso: the cigar recovers in part the Caol Ila 12 yo aromatic bouquet, because of the spicy notes and the sweetness in the background, well present in this Nicaraguan stick. Cigar and Whisky merge together, creating a very enjoyable and balanced experience, thanks to the strength of the Belicoso, which is able to sustain the alcohol content of the Caol Ila without any problem.aroma-de-cuba

Padron Serie 1964 Imperial Natural: the spicy and earthy notes merge with the peat and smokiness of the Caol Ila, aswell as the sweet notes of both products. The Imperial refreshes the pairing with its notes of balsamic herbs, bringing something new during the smoke, which results particularly pleasing.


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