CAO has used, for the first time ever, a wrapper leaf of Mexican origin through the production of a new product called Zócalo.

In details, it will be a limited edition measuring 60 x 152mm; CAO will soon start distribution, in order to reach the market by the Cinco de Mayo festival, which celebrates the ideals of democracy and freedom that inspired the Mexican community in America.

A statement from Rick Rdriguez, CAO’s master blender, was: ” Zócalo represents the company’s desire to go beyond the beaten track, we never used Mexican tobacco in any of our blends. The decision was that the Mexican leaf will be used as wrapper. In this case it is a special San Andrés Morron wrapper cultivated in the San Andrés valley; it offers a great hint of earth that I am sure CAO fans will love .”

Rodriguez is also attending a series of events throughout the United States focusing on the theme of the ‘Pan-American Highway’, the highway that passes through Mexico City. The name Zócalo refers, in fact, to the main square of the Mexican capital.

The CAO Zócalo will be sold at a price of 8.49 dollars per cigar and the production has been limited to 3,500 boxes of 20 cigars each.

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