Camacho presents a new line of cigars: Powerband.

The Powerband is inspired by the two-cylinder V-engines used mainly in motorcycling; among the most famous manufacturers    of two-cylinder V-engines are for example Moto Guzzi, Moto Morini, Harley-Davidson and Honda.


The intension of Camacho is to propose the same sensation felt during a ride on a motorcycle equipped with a two-cylinder V-engines: power, speed and the subsequent explosion of endorphins; the Powerband units the extreme intensity of Nicaraguan tobacco with the original Corojo, cultivated in Honduras.


The blend is composed of the following tobaccos:

  • Capa, Habano 2000 Ecuador
  • Capote, Mexican Negrito San Andres
  • Ripieno, the Ligeros used are cultivated in three different countries: Original Nicaraguan Corojo from Esteli, Original Honduran Corojo and Dominican San Vincente; the blend is completed by Dominican San Vincente Viso and Piloto Cubano.


Available in the sizes Gordo, Robusto and Toro they’ll be sold in 20 count boxes. There will also be a sampler available containing one of each size.


The news are completed with accessories, like the piston inspired ashtray.

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