With the approach of the American holiday of July 4 (the day on which their independence was proclaimed), Camacho proposes the annual release of the Liberty series: Camacho Liberty 2005 Throwback.

The cigar is a revival of the 2005 release; it is unchanged both in blend, a Honduran Puro (Maduro wrapper, Corojo as binder and filler), and size, a Figurado measuring measures 48/54/48 x 152 mm.

Scott Kolesaire, marketing director Davidoff USA, said: “The production of each cigar begins more than a year before it gets to the customer, the product rests and is aged for a minimum of 6 months, all this allows us to reach the fateful date of July 4 to the best of our potential”.

The distribution in the USA will start around mid-June, while Europe will have to wait until autumn; 1,500 boxes will be available, each containing 20 cigars. The price is $22 per single cigar.

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