The bottle tasted today dates back a few years, it is not in regular production anymore. The one liter bottle makes us think that it might was a regular edition for the Travel Retail. The bottle can still be found at some online retailers, at a reasonable price.

  • ABV: 56%
  • Casks: not declared
  • Age: No Age Statement
  • No. of Bottles: not declared
  • Price Range: 100-250€
  • Availability: low


Nose: spices, smoked paprika and saffron appear immediately, peat is subdued. Yellow fruit, pear, then orange jam, candied fruits and vanilla. Cocoa beans, espresso and bitter chocolate.

Palate: remarkable spiciness, paprika and black pepper. Oily and compact. Yellow fruit, banana and pear, then light peat and sweet wood notes.

Finish: medium. Medium-high in intensity. Spices, wood, peat, vanilla and yellow fruit.

Overall, the intensity is perhaps a bit excessive on the palate. For the rest, a Bowmore that differs little from other recent releases, but which makes the most out of strong and well balanced notes. We suggest that you might try it with a few drops of water.

Rating: 85

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