Bowmore distillery is one of the oldest in Scotland. It’s located on Islay and was established in 1779.

This distillery changed owner many times during the years but it almost never halted the production, except during the II world war, when it hosted the RAF Coastal Command for almost 5 years.

The alcoholic volume is 40%. The bottle price is around 40 €.



Look: golden yellow.
On the nose:  iodine and seaweed, with hints of caramel. Some citrus notes are perceivable aswell.
On the palate:  spices, peat and mineral notes, together with liquorice and orange peel. There are also some dry fruit and honey.
Finish: dry fruit, and orange peel. A little bit dry.


C.A.O. Flathead 642 Piston: this is a very interesting pairing. The spices of the cigar melt with the peat from the whisy, making a rich union, but this is just the top of the iceberg. The CAO delivers cocoa and balsamic herbs aswell that are perfectly harmonized by the orange peel and the liquorice of the Bowmore. A pairing making you think that these two products are made to complete each other.


Ramon Allones Small Club Coronas: this small sized cigar is capable to develop a rich smoke, delivering tons of black pepper, together with woody and nutty notes. The peat and the liquorice from the Bowmore match perfecly, making this pairing very satisfying. The citrus notes from the whisky refresh awell the smoke. 


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