The Balcones Rumble is produced in Texas, in the United States of America. Everything begins with wild flowers, figs and cane sugar, which are fermented and distilled, then aged in small oak barrels.

  • ABV: 47%
  • Cask: N/A
  • Age: not declared
  • No. of Bottles: not declared
  • Price Range: € 50-100
  • Availability: medium


Nose: contained. It reveals suave notes of honey, which are joined by balsamic herbs, that gradually become more intense. A liqueur note is also perceptible.

Palate: round and enveloping. Sweet. Suave notes of ripe fruits, including mango, then cocoa and intense balsamic herbs. Liqueur.

Finish: short. Suave spiciness and ripe fruit.

The Balcones Rumble has a rather short finish and a flavor profile that is of a mediocre complexity, although not particularly structured. Drinkable.

Rating: 78

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