Cigars in the AWARDS have been selected during the whole year 2017: the best products from the blind tastings, the reviews and the smokes from the last 12 months have been tested once again, in a blind tasting. Only the best made it into the AWARDS.

As usual, our attention is focused on every single terroir: Cuba, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Nicaragua and countries from the Rest of the World. For each one of them, we picked the best 5 cigars, that registered the highest scores. Following are the cigars, listed in alphabetical order by country, in place no.3.


  • Size: 52 x 135 mm (5,3’’)
  • Wrapper: Cuba
  • Binder: Cuba
  • Filler: Cuba
  • Price: 13€

Introduced in 2004, the Edmundo available nawadays has nothing to share with the first productions. Today, it resembles more the old Montecristo style, stronger and bolder. The last couple of years this cigars have shown an important consistency.

Strength is medium – full (4/5). It start out by bringing a mix of black pepper and cedar wood to the palate, quickly followed by earthy and spicy notes. There is a slightly perceivable aroma of herbs in the background. Halfway through, smokey notes are added. The finale delivers rich notes of coffee beans, together with hot spices and rich herbs.

Intense and equipped with an ample evolution. The spicy component is well present from the first puff, and it increases continuously in intensity. The cigar results very satisfying.


  • Size: 40 x 101 mm (4’’)
  • Wrapper: Honduras
  • Binder: Honduras
  • Filler: Honduras
  • Price: 10,5€ – 11$

This small cigar hides inside a blend of tobaccos that have been aged for four years. Rather than the band, it is litterally wrapped up in a thin piece of paper, which reports the name of the line, born to celebrate Eiroa’s 20 years in the cigar business.

Strength is medium – full (4/5). The opening is a blast of spices, that are outlined in black pepper. After the first few puffs, the smoke turns to an intense aroma of balsamic herbs, that are developed on a slightly sweet base. The spices move then to the background. The finale is earthy and spicy.

A very satisfying smoke. Despite its small size, this cigar is intense and well balanced at the same time. The after taste is incredibly long. A wonderful quick smoke, capable to fill a small period of time in the best way possible.


  • Size: 52 x 152 mm (6’’)
  • Wrapper: Ecuador (Sumatra)
  • Binder: Nicaragua
  • Filler: Colombia, Brazil (Braganca) & Dominican Republic
  • Price: 11€ – 9$

Totally naked, without any bands. The only unnecessary detail is a small piece of rolled up tobacco wrapped around the head. Inside of it, there is a very particular blend, made with tobacco leaves from Amazon: the Braganca, which is a variety cultivated in very limited quantities.

Strength is medium – full (4/5). The base, sweet and pleasantly bitter, gives rise to rich notes of cocoa and earth, followed by hints of balsamic herbs in the background. Halfway through the cigar, seasoned wood and spices are added to the aromatic bouquet. The finale culminates into chili spices.

The aromatic intensity is astounding, as well as the complexity. A smoke that requires the right amount of attention to be fully understood. You don’t want to miss any single nuance that this cigar is capable to deliver.


  • Size: 54 x 152 mm (6’’)
  • Wrapper: Ecuador Habano 2000  
  • Binder: Mexico (San Andres Negro)
  • Filler: Nicaragua & Dominican Republic
  • Price:  10,9€ – 10,9$

Opulent and majestic. The manufacture is excellent. The wrapper is oily and silky, smooth to the touch and of a Colorado shade. The band and the line name show the use of a considerable quantitive of Nicaraguan tobacco in the blend.

Strength is medium – full (4/5). From the first puff on, the base of the cigar is sweet. It delivers rich notes of smoked wood, followed by spices, which are outlined in black pepper and cinnamon. Afterwards leather and earth aromas get developed, supported by sugary and nutty hints.

Very satisfying. The aromatic bouquet is well structured and the evolution is perceptible throughout the whole smoke. The intensity is excellent.


  • Size: 50 x 120 mm (4,7’’)
  • Wrapper: Canary Islands
  • Binder: Canary Islands
  • Filler: Canary Islands
  • Price: 7,7€

A simple band without too many trimmings dresses up the cigar, wrapped up in an oily and captivating colorado shade wrapper. The filling is generous and uniform. The production of this cigar is in the Canary Islands, using exclusively local tobacco.

Strength medium – full (4/5). Rich piquant notes are the first to reach the palate, followed by vegetal aromas and walnut. The bouquet is then enriched by wood and earth. Halfway through the smoke, the cigar turns to black pepper, chili and nutmeg. In the finale, intense balsamic herbs became the main aroma, completing the flavor profile of this puro.

Capable of delivering a wide and structured aromatic profile, that combined with unique flavors create a winning recipe. Very harmonious and remarkably intense. A cigar to explore.


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