Casa Turrent Gran Robusto Maduro (Mexico) – 93

  • Size: cepo 52 x 159 mm (6,2”) – EUR: 7,5 | USD: 6
  • Wrapper: San Andres | Binder: Mexico & Nica. | Filler: Mexico & Nica.

Casa Turrent cigars are produced in Mexico, in the family owned factory. For the production of the Robusto Maduro, they use a blend that goes well beyond the Mexican leaves, even going up to Nicaragua. That said, wrapper, binder and filler all present a Mexican component, which gives the line a certain typicality. The cigar is box pressed, and the look is particularly squared. The generously sized golden band, paired with the maduro colored wrapper leaf, creates a noticeable contrast, which with no doubt draws the attention of the smoker. The smoke is full bodied and aromatic palette well structured; the intensity is remarkable and the finish very long. Strength is slightly over the medium. The flavor of cocoa beans in the cold draw are perceptible throughout the whole duration of the smoke, presenting themselves in each puff. They are followed by hazelnut, spices and notes of bread. The finale is rich and distinctly spicy (black pepper).

Brun del Ré 1787 Libertad Supremo (Costa Rica) – 92

  • Size: cepo 60 x 152 mm (6”) – EUR: 15 | USD: 15
  • Wrapper: Costa Rica | Binder: Costa Rica | Filler: Costa Rica

The lastest introduction to the Brund del Ré portfolio. This cigar is a big one and it comes in a gorgeus red box with 30 cigars inside. The construction is great. The cigars shows a great character: intense, creamy and with a very long peristence. Medium to full strength. It delivers rich earhty notes, together with cococa and a lot of spices (black pepper). Nutty and piquant notes complete its very tasty aromtic profile.

Mbombay Gaaja (Costa Rica) – 92

  • Size: cepo 54 x 152 mm (6”) – EUR: – | USD: 15,5
  • Wrapper: Ecuador | Binder: Ecuador | Filler: R. Dom, Ecuador, Perù, Paraguay

The cigar name is rooted in Hinduism and Gaaja means elephant. The blend was well thought out and the leaves used in this Toro come from four countries. Strength is a little over medium. It develops a creamy, almost buttery, smoke. Aromas of wood, hazelnut and white pepper are followed by cream and underwood. The last part is dominated by notes of underwood, black pepper and mineral peaks.

Cornelius & Anthony Cornelius CG (USA) – 90

  • Size: cepo 46 x 140 mm (5,5”) – EUR: – | USD: 13,5
  • Wrapper: Ecuador | Binder: Ecuador | Filler: Nicaragua, Dominican R.

The line is a tribute to the founder of the brand, Cornelius Bailey, and it is the flagship series of this American brand. Very satisfying and with a remarkable evolution. Strength is slightly over the medium. The aromatic palette rotates around notes of wood, nuts and leather, followed by notes of ripe fruits and white pepper. Intense aromas of cinnamon and nutmeg stand out as well, which round out a very complex smoke.

Villiger San’Doro Maduro (Brazil) – 90

  • Size: cepo 50 x 152 mm (6”) – EUR: 14 | USD: 14
  • Wrapper: Mata Fina (Brazil) | Binder: Brazil | Filler: Brazil

Made in Brazil, in Bahia factory, this Toro is a Brazilian puro. It is the only size belonging to the San’Doro Maduro line. It delivers a rich smoke, with a wide and structured aromatic palette. Very satisfying. Medium strength. It exhibits roasted notes of coffee, walnut, wood. There are also cocoa hints. In the background are perceivable citrus notes, refreshing the smoke. Very creamy.


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