Padrón Serie 1926 90th Aniversario Natural – 96

  • Size: cepo 52 x 140 mm (5,5”) – EUR: – | USD: 29
  • Wrapper: Nicaragua | Binder: Nicaragua | Filler: Nicaragua

The 90th Aniversario celebrates the ninetieth birthday of José Orlando Padrón. The first particularity is the Tubo: this is the first time Padrón uses this kind of packaging. The second one is the “round” shape of the cigar, despite every other Padrón (except for the Damaso line) is not box pressed. It is available in both maduro and natural shade wrappers, as the whole 1926 Series. We preferred the natural shade wrapper. The smoke is incredibly harmonious and elegant. The aromatic intensity, one of the main characteristic of this brand, is remarkable while the strength is not as full as the other cigars belonging to the 1926 Series, making it suitable for all the smokers. The cigar opens up with black pepper and aged wood aromas, soon followed by vegetal notes and aromatic herbs. The smoke is meaty and creamy. In the middle sector, cocoa, undergrowth and earth alternate each other. The aromatic herbs are still well perceivable and in the finale they became the main aroma, followed by the cedar wood.

La Sobremesa El Americano – 94

  • Size: cepo 52 x 152 mm (6”) – EUR: – | USD: 10
  • Wrapper: Habano Ecuador | Binder: Mexico | Filler: Nicaragua & USA

Of the eleven sizes belonging to this line, the El Americano is the one delivering the most complex and harmonious smoke. The aromatic bouquet is unique. The smoke is elegant and it exhibits a huge balance. The cigar is incredibly creamy. Medium strength. It develops cocoa, white pepper, and piquant notes. Earth and aromatic herbs are added during the smoke, together with a rich balsamic aroma in the finale.

Illusione Haut 10 – 93

  • Size: cepo 52 x 140 mm (5,5”) – EUR: – | USD: 16
  • Wrapper: Nicaragua | Binder: Nicaragua | Filler: Nicaragua

The 10° anniversary of the brand brought to the light this cigar, initially produced as a limited edition, but then added to the regular production cigars. The aromatic palette is well structured and full body. Strong and super satisfying. Full strength. It delivers notes of earth, wood resin and cocoa, followed by walnut and undergrowth. In the finale aromatic herbs are added and the base gets slightly sweet.

My Father El Centurion H-2K-CT Corona – 92

  • Size: cepo 48 x 140 mm (5,5”) – EUR: 7 | USD: 6.5
  • Wrapper: Connecticut H-2K-CT | Binder: Nicaragua | Filler: Nicaragua

What seems to be a code to be deciphered, it is a wrapper variety, which is a hybrid, grown in USA. Compared to the El centurion classic line, the blend is different. The strength is medium to full. The cigar delivers a great aromatic intensity. What surprise more is the continuous interchange between elegant and rustic puffs. The main aroma is the hazelnut, followed by black pepper, wood and earth and piquant spices.

Mombacho 10th Aniversario Magnifico – 91

  • Size: cepo 52 x 159 mm (6,25”) – EUR: . | USD: 19,9
  • Wrapper: Nicaragua | Binder: Nicaragua | Filler: Nicaragua

A 100% Nicaragua puro, delivering a full typicalness of this terroir. Rich, intense and satisfying, with the balance on the razor’s edge in some puffs but never coming less. Full strength. Earth, sparkling spices and black pepper are the main aromas of the smoke, followed by balsamic herbs and piquant notes. Cocoa hints are perceivable aswell, completing a wide aromatic palette and a continuous evolution in flavors.


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