Eiroa Robusto – 93

  • Size: cepo 50 x 127 mm (5”) – EUR: 9 | USD: 10
  • Wrapper: Honduras | Binder: Honduras | Filler: Honduras

The Eiroa Family has a long history in the world of tobacco. Everything started in 1916, when Generous Eiroa left Spain to head to the Caribbeans. After having worked as a ship captain for the “Cuban Land and Leaf Tobacco Company”, he obtained the Cuban citizenship in 1926. A 100 years have past since then, and four generations have followed up until today. The cigars are produced at the “Aladino Cigar Factory” in Danli, which was a theatre up until 1975, then converted into what it is today, the factory producing Eiroa cigars. The Robusto is a very balanced cigar and is delivers an excellent aromatic intensity, which happens to be his trump card. The finish is very long. Very creamy. Strength is medium plus. It reveals roasted coffee notes, cedar and spices, followed by balsamic notes and spicy peaks. In the second half the smoke becomes earthy. The coffee and spices stay present, while the balsamic notes return in the finale.

Leaf by Oscar Maduro Lancero – 93

  • Size: cepo 38 x 178 mm (7”) – EUR: 12 | USD: 8,5
  • Wrapper: Nicaragua | Binder: Honduras | Filler: Honduras

What truly identifies this line is the tobacco leaf the cigars are wrapped into. They come in four different wrappers: Connecticut, Sumatra, Corojo and Maduro. Medium to full strength. This Lancero delivers a wide and structured aromatic palette, mainly made of cocoa and earth, accompanied by coffee and hazelnut in the first third, nutmeg and spices in the second and blakc pepper and balsamic herbs int he finale.

HVC Pan Caliente – 92

  • Size: cepo 50 x 127 mm (5”) – EUR: – | USD: 6,2
  • Wrapper: Nicaragua | Binder: Nicaragua | Filler: Nicaragua

This Robusto capture the aficionado’s eye due to its tapered head, that reminds the 109 format. It develops a very intense smoke on a savory base. The evolution is perceivable. Medium strength. Black pepper and earth are the two main aromas. At first they come together with leather, hay and vegetal notes. In the second part they alternate with cinnamons, nuts and yet vegetal notes. In some puff a nice citrus aroma refreshes the smoke.

Cavalier de Genève White Series Diplomate – 91

  • Size: cepo 56 x 140 mm (5,5”) – EUR: 9,3 | USD: 9,7
  • Wrapper: ND | Binder: ND | Filler: ND

This cigar is striking because of the golden rhombus that is placed just below the band, which recalls the color of the lettering and logo. Lavish and with a pig tail finish, the Diplomate delivers an elegant and balanced smoke. Very creamy and fulfilling. Strength is slighthly over the medium. It starts out with wood, vanilla and white pepper, developing on a sweet base. It then becomes spicy and nutty. The finale is earthy.

Flor de Selva Gran Pressé – 91

  • Size: cepo 56 x 152 mm (6”) – EUR: 8,5 € | USD: 11,75
  • Wrapper: Honduras | Binder: Mata Fina (Brazil) | Filler: Honduras

The Grand Pressé belongs to the Maduro Collection, other than being the latest release of the line. It differs from the other sizes because of its box pressed profile, the blend remains the same. The aromatic palette is well structured and the smoke is satisfying. Medium strength. Notes of cocoa, earth and spices alternate throughout the cigar, followed by a rich roasted coffee aroma and aromatic herbs in the second half.


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