Quesada Reserva Privada Oscuro Double Corona – 94

  • Size: cepo 46 x 165 mm (6,5”) – EUR: 8.5 | USD: 13
  • Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf | Binder: Dom. R. | Filler: Dom. R. & USA

Reserva Privada Oscuro is the most prestigious line branded by Quesada. The tobacco used is aged for 18 years (the leaves belong to the 1997 crop). Once rolled, the cigars rest for another whole year. The Double Corona is the cigar with the bigger size in the line, even if the 46 ring gauge, make this cigar lasting less than expected. It delivers a rich smoke, with a great aromatic intensity since the first puff. The bouquet is structured and the cigar is very satisfying. Medium to full strength. The opening brings to the palate notes of wood and cocoa, followed by piquant peaks in the aftertaste. Later one, earthy, nutty and vegetal aromas get developed as well. In the middle sector cocoa and black pepper are main characters, together with the walnut, that makes the aromatic profile even deeper and complete. Cocoa, balsamic herbs and earth accompany the smoker though the finale third.

Caldwell Eastern Standard Midnight Express – 93

  • Size: cepo 50 x 152 mm (6”) – EUR: – | USD: 13,9
  • Wrapper: Arapiraca Maduro | Binder: Dom. R. | Filler: Dom. R. & Nicaragua

Complexity and harmony are great. The midnight express brings to another level creaminess and the elegance Caldwell brand is already well known for. The intensity if excellent. Medium to full strength. Mineral, vegetal and smoked notes get developed on an acidulous base. In the aftertaste the black pepper is present for the whole smoke. In the second half it turns to a rich balsamic aroma, followed by smoked wood and spices.

Arturo Fuente Don Carlos Eye of the Shark – 93

  • Size: cepo 52 x 146 mm (5,75”) – EUR: – | USD: 11,9
  • Wrapper: ND | Binder: ND | Filler: ND

Tribute to the 80° anniversary of Carlos Fuente Sr.. Great evolution and intensity, paired with an aromatic bouquet wide and structured. A classy smoke. Medium to full strength. At the beginning nutty, cocoa, spices and citrus aromas get developed on a savory base. Going on, the black pepper takes over, followed by the leather. Roasted bread and piquant spices complete the aromatic bouquet. Very creamy.

Crowned Heads La Careme Cañonazo – 92

  • Size: cepo 52 x 149 mm (5,85”) – EUR: – | USD: 9
  • Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf | Binder: Ecuador | Filler: Nicaragua

The line is an omage to Marie A. Carême. Well structured and harmonious, this cigar is fulfilling and shows an aromatic profile very interesting and with a lot of shades. Creamy. Full strength. The opening is spicy and peppery but it soon turns into a sweet base with coffee, earth and cocoa notes. Later on leather and cinnamon get developed aswell. The base slowly turns into a savory one. Black pepper and earth take over in the last third.

Camacho American Barrel Aged Toro – 92

  • Size: cepo 50 x 152 mm (6”) – EUR: 13,5 | USD: 11
  • Wrapper: Broadleaf USA | Binder: Broadleaf USA | Filler: USA & Honduras

The peculiarity of this cigar is the process the tobacco used go through. The leaves are placed in ex burbon barrel for five months, where they age. Extremely balanced, it delivers a deep aromatic and harmonious profile. Creamy, complex, and satisfying. Medium strength .The aromatic palette intertwines aged wood and roasted notes of coffee. In the aftertaste are perceivable rich spicy notes. The base is slightly savory.



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