1. Cuaba Distinguidos – 94

  • Size: cepo 52 x 162 mm (6,4”) – EUR: 15,5 | USD: –
  • Wrapper: Cuba | Binder: Cuba | Filler: Cuba

The Distinguido was introduced in the Cuban catalog in 2003, together with the Diadema and Salomone sizes. Commercialized in 10’s count boxes, it is the second biggest cigar of the brand, second to the Salomone (Diademas are no longer made). Balance and harmony are great. The cigar delivers a remarkable aromatic intensity. It is creamy and satisfying, with an evolution that continues through the whole smoking time. The consistency of these cigars is high, due to a lot limited production if compared to other formats produced in Cuba. Medium strength. The beginning is sweet and exhibits notes of leather and spices (white pepper). After the first puffs, hazelnut, fine wood and earth come in, together with vegetal hints. Roasted and piquant notes gain the upper hand in the middle third, where is perceivable as well a rich panbrioches aroma. In the finale rich balsamic herbs pick up, followed by spices in the aftertaste, completing a wide aromatic palette.

2. La Gloria Cubana Medaille d’Or No.2 – 93

  • Size: cepo 43 x 170 mm (6,7”) – EUR: 12 | USD: –
  • Wrapper: Cuba | Binder: Cuba | Filler: Cuba

Two are the cigars produced under the La Gloria Cubana brand: Medaille d’Or NO.2 and Medaille d’Or No.4. Despite the very small production, this cigar delivers a very balanced, creamy and elegant smoke. Super creamy and with a very long persistence. Medium strength. It delivers notes of cedar wood and spices (pink pepper) on a sweet base. Soon piquant spices and aromatic herbs will complete the aromatic palette.

3. Cohiba Maduro 5 Secretos – 92

  • Size: cepo 40 x 110 mm (4,5”) – EUR: 12,5 € | USD: –
  • Wrapper: Cuba | Binder: Cuba | Filler: Cuba

The main characteristic of the Maduro 5 line is five years old maduro wrapper. All the other leaves used are aged at least 3 years. As small as satisfying, this little Secreto develops a peppery and creamy smoke. Medium to full strength. At the beginnig it delivers wood, a lot of black pepper and honey; then it turns to cocoa and tree nuts. The finale exhibits roasted notes (coffee) and earth.

4. Vegas Robaina Unicos – 92

  • Size: cepo 52 x 156 mm (6,1”) – EUR: 13,5 € | USD: –
  • Wrapper: Cuba | Binder: Cuba | Filler: Cuba

Only three are the formats available under the famous Don Alejandro Robaina brand. The Unico is the pyramid, exhibiting an aromatic palette that represents very well the brand. Intense and flavorful, it develops a very satisfying and fulfilling smoke. Excellently balanced. The strength is medium plus. It delivers tree nuts (mainly hazelnut) and roasted notes, together with balsamic herbs and coffee. The base is a little bit sweet. Very creamy.

5. Partagas Añejados Corona Gorda – 91

  • Size: cepo 46 x 143 mm (5,6”) – EUR: 14,5 € | USD: –
  • Wrapper: Cuba | Binder: Cuba | Filler: Cuba

The third cigar released under the Anejados series. Among all the four cigars belonging to the line, this is the best one, developing a true Partagas aromatic palette. The cigar is intense, satisfying and very creamy. The construction is perfect. Medium to full strength. It delivers earth, wood and spices (mainly black pepper). Going on, rich vegetal and nutty notes, together with leather, complete the aromatic palette.




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