AVO Improvisation LE17 is this years limited edition release and comes in a box pressed 6 x 60 size (60 x 152 mm).AVO-Improvisation-LE17-cigar-620x263

The cigar is a mash up of the AVO LE05, AVO Syncro Nicaragua and AVO Syncro Nicaragua Fogata. This means the same binder and filler tobaccos used in the LE05 and the Fogata, rolled in the same size as the AVO Syncro Nicaragua Special Toro.

In details, it is made up of an Ecuadorian Habano Marron Claro wrapper, a Dominican Olor Zona 7 binder and filler made of Nicaraguan Esteli Ligero, Dominican San Vincente Ligero, Dominican San Vicente Mejorado Seco, Dominican Piloto Ligero and Seco.

It will be packaged in beautiful  black and orange colored boxes, containing 16 cigars with a price of $18 per single cigar.


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