Introduced in 2003, this No Age Statement has the distinction of combining ex-Bourbon barrels with ex-Sherry barrel. The legend talks about barrels filled in the ’70s and’ 80s in the early Uigeadail, giving these bottles great interest for collectors.

  • ABV: 54,2%
  • Casks: ex-bourbon and ex-sherry
  • Age: No Age Statement
  • No. Bottles: not declared
  • Price Range: €50 – €100
  • Availability: high


Nose: extremely complex, starting from the peat, that is joined by vanilla and lemon cream, then spices, black pepper and paprika. A sensation of sweet tobacco. The notes are many: chestnut, olive oil, saffron, bacon, just to name a few.

Palate: here the complexity is high as well, thanks to the gradation and intensity, that is remarkable but never over the top. Peat, wood, tobacco, spices such as black pepper, light red fruits, olive oil and honey can be perceived.

Finish: very intense and persistent. Peat, wood, black pepper, tobacco and a persistent sugar sweetness.

Despite being a young product, the complexity is quite high. Despite the high gradation it is extraordinary drinkable. It remains an excellent product for both novices and connoisseurs.


Rating: 92

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