The Arbeg distillery was founded in 1815 by John MacDougall. The whisky production began officially in 1798. The distillery was closed between 1981 and 1989.

There are many bottling on the market, but this 10 yo is one of the most easy to find.

The alcoholic volume is 46°. The price is aroung 40€.



Look: straw yellow
On the nose: orange peel and peady are the first aromas perceived, followed by white pepper. There are also woody notes, toghether with liquorice. Iodine and beach bonfire smoke are weel present aswell.
On the palate:  charcoil, liquorice and peat, with some oak wood. The iodine and beach bonfire smoke. Oily and sligtlhy dry.
Finish: spicy (white pepper), oily and sweet. Long.


Mombacho Liga Maestro Novillo: the 100% Nicaragua blend marries with the whisky bouquet. The spices melt together, giving off an aromatic explosion on the tasting buds. The deep aromas of the Novillo are refreshed by the citrus notes from the Ardbeg.


Ashton Estate Sun Grown Diplomat: two products exhibiting a rich and complex aromatic palette. The peppery notes of the Ashton goes well with the beach bonfire smoke coming from the whisky, aswell as the balsamic notes of the cigar make a good combination with the orange peel of the Arbeg. A duo that give off an elegant and complex pairing, able to deliver great emotions.


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