Amrut is made in India and the Intermediate Sherry is a single malt. The ABV is 57.1°. The price of the bottle is around 100€.



On the nose: it delivers rich sherry notes, together with a rich rose aroma and hints of cocoa.

On the palate: a lot of spices, followed by oak wood and orange peel. Dry.

Finish: floreal and rose notes, with som caramel. Very long.

Due to the high ABV, some drops of water are needed to pair this whisky to a cigar. This is to reduce the alcohol content, balancing the pairing between cigar and whisky (the full grade Intermediate Sherry will easily overwhelm a cigar). Also, a 57° ABV will anesthetize your palate, making the pairing pleasure not so pleasant. 


Camacho Triple Maduro Figurado: the Triple Maduro line is one of the strongest of the Camacho brand. This Figurado delivers a rich and intense smoke, that pair very well with the Intermediate Sherry (remembering to diluite the whisky with some drops of water). The citrus notes of the cigar melt together with the orange peel of the whisky, while the sweet flavor from the Amrut find in the cigar its savoury counterpart. The sherry and caramel notes developed by the whisky, respectively pair with the cocoa and the nuts from the Camacho, giving off a complex and definitely not expected blaze of aromas. A challenging pairing.


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