The latest MOSI product, the Ambasciator Italico Maturo, is currently being distributed in Italy. “It is a cigar that was created with the intention of giving the smoker a more decisive smoke, without denying the elegance of the Ambasciator Italico family”, commented the master blender Domenico Napoletano.

A few weeks ago we presented details about the product. Click here to learn about the details of the blend, packaging and prices.

Country of Origin: Italy
Size: 42 x 155 mm (6.1″)
Wrapper: USA
Filler: Italy, USA
Price: €2

Visually, the Maturo is wrapped in a dark brown wrapper. It is particularly rough to the touch, although the veins are not very marked. Construction as well as the draw are good (obvious indicator for a machine made cigar).

Ambasciator Italico Maturo: unlit, the nose perceives notes of ripe fruit and wood, but also delicate pepper nuances.

Once lit, the cigar starts immediately sapid, with a slight bitter component, which does not unbalance the perception on the palate, but enriches it. The most dominante flavor is that of incense, followed by earth and wood. Strength is medium-light (2/5).

Continuing, the initial flavors remain unchanged and are also enhanced by a slight acid component. Flavor-wise, the cigar turns to toasted components of coffee and hazelnut, along with the earthy note from the beginning. Strength increases to medium  (3/5).

Overall, this Ambasciator Italico Maturo appears to have a different character from the other cigars that MOSI produces, but retains the elegance of a cigar that is never overwhelming. The falvor profile is interesting, with different aromas, that are well defined and harmonize well together.

Rating: 85

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